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A few words about us

Artistry Brow Bar is the beauty destination for stylish, beauty-conscious mavens,

focus on ensuring every single woman always look and feel beautiful.

In 2016, Artistry Brow Bar has grown to a highly coveted beauty brand. Inspired by its core values, affinity for beauty and making women look gorgeous and feel beautifully fabulous.

At Artistry Brow Bar we do one thing and do it with one passion. Our expert team of brow artists are recognised as the best in their field. Brows are in our veins, constantly on our minds with no side tracks from other fields or fancies.

We pride ourselves with the care and concern we take while taking care of you. If you feel we have not given you the best possible customer service or have a suggestion that would help us improve, I’d love to hear from you.

Please contact me at naina@artistrybrowbar.com

Naina l Senior Brow Stylist


Senior Brow Stylist


Naina is the proud owner of Artistry Brow Bar, she has experience for more than 15 years. Naina maintains her skills at the highest levels of training. Any brow issues you may have, whether they were waxed to thin or your brows have been over tweezed she has mastered the art of threading facial hairs creating the perfect eyebrow arch and the shape you have always dreamed of.

Prior to opening Artistry Brow Bar, Naina worked at several brow bars in United Kingdom and India as well doing several procedures. Naina is fully trained in all types of eyebrows.

Trained by experts from India and United Kingdom, Naina has become an amazing makeup artist. Naina also specializes in waxing, facials, makeup, eyebrow tinting, and acne facials.

The Artistry Brow Bar Story

By Naina, Senior Brow Stylist

"Sometimes success demands taking a risk."

I put my entrepreneurial drive on hold to attend college on the request of my parents, who were determined their daughter would get her degree. Then, I continued to follow the traditional career path by taking a job, working under senior beauticians. At my first job, I learned a lot. When I moved on to a position where I realised that now I have some fixed clients in my areas.

I marketed my skills and realised it was "another experience of creating money out of thin air." I knew if you satisfied your customers by giving them their choice of treatment and talked to enough people, you could create money and opportunity out of nothing.

In late spring 2005, I pulled the plug on my day job. "I just thought, I know I'm capable of doing more," I still remember. "I think I can make more money on my own than under this company. I'm a risk taker - I didn't have a savings plan, I had the responsibility but I thought I should be able to bring in about £2,000 a month on my own and sometimes more in wedding seasons.

I proved that "no matter who you are or where you come from, if you have a dream then all you need is the will and determination to achieve it."


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